Friday, May 31, 2013

Five for Friday! 15 Days Left! Pictures and VIDEO Review! :)

I'm so excited for this post because I have so many exciting things to share! This year is winding down quickly and we have 15 school days left. Wohoo! June 20th cannot get here soon enough!

The first exciting random picture from this week is ... I NO LONGER have a "Closet of Doom!" (If you don't remember what it looked like, check here!) Although it was not ALL mine (it was there for many years before me) the closet was basically busting at the seams. I felt like an emotional hoarder searching through the junk, but although a lot was pointless, I wanted to salvage it! Who knows when you are going to need 97 rulers, or six packages of push pins, or 8 staplers, but it sure felt like Christmas to me! Although I threw out a ton and my poor janitor friend wants to kill me, I reorganized an voila! All I have to do now is label my bins, and use the 48 folders, 27 composition note books, and 22 binders I've found, next year and my closet will be even neater! 

#2: I was lucky enough to receive a super duper awesome pencil sharpener from my friends at Classroom Friendly Supplies. They were so nice and accommodating there. Did you know if you want one, you even get free shipping? They also offer discounts for multiple purchases, so ask around before your order yours. At first I was skeptical, like any other teacher when spending their hard earned money, but after reading reviews I knew I had to test one out. Sharpening pencils DRIVES ME NUTS. I swear the kids use this time to meet and discuss their day, share jokes, waste time, and fool around not to mention that the pencil sharpener is SOOO loud that it disrupts everything else in the classroom. When the students FINALLY have a sharpened pencil it usually breaks right away or the lead just magically falls outs.   Anyways, the people who invited the Best Classroom Pencil Sharpener Ever, solved ALL of those problems! 

Check out my test video and pictures below! :) 

(wohoo, I hope my video works!)

#3. We have Kindness week this week with a Kindness assembly, daily activities, and even nightly homework for the kids! The kids are loving it. Have you heard of Ben's Bells? If you haven't you NEED to check them out! We are lucky enough to have the creator come to our school next month all the way from Arizona! Another one of our BFF teachers gave us Be Kind necklaces that we LOVE! :)

#4. My class just finished Wonder and we are now starting Out of My Mind! Two of my favorite books this year! Definitely MUST READS for any teachers!

The end. lol 
I still have a million and a half things to do before school is out...

finish our unit
finish report cards
finish my end of the year report
finish printing and laminating
organize my room for summer
draw a room sketch
shop with $200 from the school for supplies for next year
hire a new Principal (not me personally, but we need one)
create my final supply list for next yr
and the list goes on... 

Have a great weekend teacher friends! :) :) 


  1. Just inherited a cabinet JUST like yours... thanks for showing how organized it can be!!! :):)

    Kimberlee @ iTeach 5th

  2. Wonder was sooooo good! I've never heard of Out of My Mind! Do I need to read it this summer?? :)
    ideas by jivey

  3. I LOVE the BE KIND necklaces. Did someone make those or are they available to purchase somewhere? They are adorable and it would be so great to be able to give my students one after I read aloud WONDER.

  4. Hi! I found your blog from the Five for Friday linky (your post was right next to mine). You did a wonderful job on your closet. I can completely relate to the "hoarding" behaviors. You just never know..... :). Our principal is leaving after this year too and the hiring process has not even started yet.

    I am now a follower of your blog!

    Tina Parker

  5. How lucky you are to get so much money for next years supplies. Last year, I believe we got $75. There has been no discussion about it for this year, so we may not get any:(.


    1. Thanks, now I need to figure out what to order. Any ideas?

  6. Sounds like you found lots of useful things in your closet of doom!!

    I feel like I'm asking a stupid question - but is $200 the budget you get for your classroom for the whole year?

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!


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