Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two for Tuesday! 50% off TPT must haves!

I'm in the home stretch with a week left of school. Thank goodness because with 85 degree weather, it is starting to get HOT IN HERE...especially with no air conditioning in the school. I'm linking up today for Two For Tuesday with The Teaching Tribune with two products that are 50% off in my store for TODAY ONLY!

This item that is 50% off is VERY popular and a must have for any teacher. 




Next up is our amazingly popular Revise the Story Worksheets. If you haven't checked out this product you need too! Especially since it is UNDER $2.00 today! I created it based on my students' needs and they became great revisers. 




Hope this little sale helps you out! Be sure to check out the other products on sale in the linky today! Have a happy Tuesday! :) 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two for Tuesday: Two products 50% off!

Ready for some good deals? I am linking up with the Teaching Tribune today for two of my favorite items in my TPT store at 50% off! Check out what I have up for grabs today! 

My awesome ABC Countdown Memory Book. I made this book because so many of my students did not order year books and they also wanted to celebrate the ABC countdown. I've heard so many wonderful comments from teachers using this product around the country in grades 1-5. It is surely one of my favorite activities for the year and will be a great memento for the students!

Grab it now for the years to come for only $2.00!!




Also up for sale today is our Morning Work Set for the WHOLE month of September! If you haven't tried out our morning work, this will give you the perfect opportunity to try out a WHOLE MONTH for a low cost. 

Each month consists of four weeks of work. 
Each week focuses on a different topic and has a page for Monday-Friday. 
The Friday worksheet is set up as a quick quiz for easy grading
A cover sheet is provided for each packet!

This has made my life so much easier and I hope it can help you out too. My students have learned and practiced specific skills through this morning that we would have not gotten to normally. 





Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Meet up: Meet ME :)

I am excited to be linking up with the Teaching Tribune again today for a fun "All About Me!"

Honestly, I am usually on the computer while my husband gets control of the remote, but most of those shows I actually look up from my work to watch! :)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guided Reading, Book Clubs, Novel Units...? Check this out!

Have you ever had to stay up late reading a children's novel so you could hold a meaningful conversation with your students? Have you ever spent so much time trying to find "the right" books for your class,  you gave up? Can you relate to this e-card?

 Yes, so can I. I am guilty of all "of the above"!

Although we still have about 11 days of school left (but who is counting?? hahaha), I am already planning for next year. I started by taking down every possible thing in my classroom that was related to zebra print. Yes, I know, it's sad. If you know me, you know my classroom is known as the zebra print room. It was a fun three years of hot pink and zebra, but the time has come for a make over. Stay tuned for pictures!! 

Another huge change is that I will not only be teaching ELA, but also Social Studies and Science. This was a scary change at first, but thanks to my supportive blogger friends and teacher friends at school, I am okay with it. I am ready to rise to the challenge and excel with a new curriculum (or two).

Because I will only be teaching once class of ELA, I will be able to focus more on book clubs. I am super excited to get to know my students better and be able to read more books with them. When I found out about this Educents deal, I knew I HAD to get it. I will most likely use ALL of these ideas next year!  Not only will it be useful then, but also during summer school. I plan on getting book clubs started for my July friends as well!

 I have teamed up with Educents with some instant downloads for you! It includes activities for so many of your favorite stories you will be reading this summer (and even a few downloads you can use with any book!  


Our products included will surely be loved by your students! Our Riding Freedom unit is one of our best sellers. Have you read this book yet? I've blogged about it multiple times, it is AMAZING, can be incorporated into Social Studies easily, and can be purchased through Scholastic with bonus points!! What more could you want? Oh yes, this awesome packet of questions, written responses, activities, and even a end of story test. This is LOW prep and is an excellent text to promote strong class discussion!   


Speaking of class discussion, have you seen our accountable talk discussion cards? These are a must have. You can print a set out for each student, a table, or just one for the class. They can be used so many ways. Before long students will be "piggy backing" off of each others' thoughts and holding academic discussions that will knock your socks off! These awesome cards can be printed in color or in black and white. I have multiple sets floating throughout my room for students to refer to at all times.


For a limited time THIS WHOLE SET is just $19.99 from Educents which is about 78% off!  
18 instant downloads with over 700 pages of materials perfect to accompany your summer reading list! This is basically a WHOLE year's worth of book club material! This is great for a new teacher, someone looking for some new ideas, or even someone who is ready for a change!


You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Help me with Organization!!!

Wordless Wednesday with Sugar & Spice! I need an organizational file cabinet intervention ASAP! Help!

I never use my filing cabinet correctly. In my eight years of teaching, it has never been useful! I like the magnetic aspect of having a filing cabinet because I decorate it and it is great for displaying pictures, but the inside is a MESS. This is full of probably three teachers from 20+ years of work. Usually I use it to stack paper I will need to keep for the end of the year folders. Obviously I don't use ANY of the worksheets, but I never bothered to clean it. 

Should I keep it? Get rid of it? What do you put in yours? How is it organized?   I'D LOVE TO SEE PICTURES! You can even post them to the Facebook thread on our Facebook page!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two products 50% off for today only! Two for Tuesday Link Up!


Today I am excited to hook you up with two of my favorite products for 50% off! 

Two weeks worth of JUNE morning work in a bundle. If you haven't tried our bell work, you are missing out. This is the perfect opportunity to test out our weekly work. One week focuses on quotation marks in dialogue and the other helps with word endings. Normally these are $2.50 each week...today it is like buy one get one free! :)


{Morning Work Bundle} Click Here!

Also, one of our most popular units, Riding Freedom, is 50% off for today only. This book is seriously one of my favorite books to read with the class. Even better, it is in Scholastic this month, so you can us bonus points to help purchase some books! This novel unit has EVERYTHING you need to have a successful small group book club or whole class book club.


{Riding Freedom Unit} Click Here!

Hope you grab these great products and check out the others on sale only today in the Teaching Tribune's linky! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Meet Up! Meet my friend, Jessica!

I am excited to be linking up with an awesome blog, The Teaching Tribune!  

What I am even more excited to do is to tell you about my amazingly creative friend Jessica at I {heart} Recess!

Jessica is a mother of three boys and an amazing teacher. She rocks at incorporating technology and current events into her lesson plans and is always willing to share resources and ideas through her super fun blog. In fact, I {heart} Recess just got a makeover and is now even cuter!  On Mondays you can expect to see a creative Math linky titled  Mathematical Monday sponsored by Jess!

I hope you enjoyed learning about my friend, Jess. Make sure to stop by and say hello! Be sure to also check out the other bloggers introducing their blogging friends at the Teaching Tribune!