Sunday, December 13, 2015

May your Days Be Merrrrrrry and Briiiiighhhht!

I am so excited to join in on this fun giveaway. I'm sure this time is hectic for everyone, but being a full time teacher and a parent to two (three if you count my husband) needy children, half of the time, I don't know if I am coming or going.

It sure seems like my students have been eating candy canes for breakfast and pure sugar at lunch because everyday is a crazy day in my classroom. Besides everyone being sick and spreading germs, we have been trying to cruise through our curriculum. We are onto Social Studies now and having fun learning about the different cultures in the United States. 
I will talk more about that in a later post, but for now I wanted to share with you the miracle going on in my classroom. How am I keeping sane? Well let me tell you about the amazing Dollar Tree.

Do you have a Dollar Tree around you? Well if not, you can order online and in BULK!

The best thing about this store is it is a true dollar store. Everything is actually one dollar.  This really helps me out when it comes to prizes. I love that I can get 12 pencils for $1. It makes buying for 75 students much more manageable. I am all for fun celebrations, but it is just unrealistic for me to fill gift bags for 75 students or buy them all presents, but I do love surprising my students every few days with a new pencil, a fun eraser, a finger flashlight, or even a gel pen. Something so little can make a huge impact on behavior, appreciation, and attitude.

My students know I have the prizes and they have to work together as a class to earn them. Of course it's extrinsic motivation, and probably not the best idea of bribery...but it is getting me through December...alive! Plus, let's face it, by this time of the year, everyone could use some more pencils!

Do you know what else would be great? How about coming back from Christmas break and having everything planned out for you? I am happily donating a Gingerbread themed ELA Unit to this raffle below. It is one of my best sellers, great for sub plans, or an easy no-prep lesson, and the students LOVE the new information!

Fill out the raffle copter below and be sure to check out the other tips for staying "Merry and Bright" around the holiday season!

This contest runs from December 13-15! Enter below: