Saturday, July 1, 2017

I Finally Own a Plant I Can't Kill!

Sadly, I was not born with a green thumb, but luckily my husband has an awesome love of anything having to do with the outdoors. He has an amazing vegetable garden and usually plants and mulches our gardens surrounding our house. My parents and brother are the same on the other hand...I hate flowers. I have no luck with growing them, keeping them alive, or even remembering to water them.

For example, my husband bought me a gorgeous planter filled with succulents. I was shocked it survived THREE months, now it is a pot of dirt. :(

Don't get me wrong, I love the look of flowers, especially hanging plants, but I just don't have luck with them. If I don't forget to water them and the constant sun on our always sunny front porch will toast them.

In fact, just last week I hung a new flower basket and when we came home from a visit to the in-laws, we noticed the GIANT tree across the street fell and landed on our front porch...knocking down everything in its path. Power lines were all over our front yard and our yard was literally branches, sticks, and leaves. It took almost two days for crews to clean that mess up and now our front garden, grass, and my poor hanging basket is ruined.

That was the final straw...over the ten years we have lived in this house, we have tried a wide variety of hanging baskets. I spend a ton of money each season (and sometimes multiple times per season) replenishing my dead flowers throughout the summer, but I am now D.O.N.E.

I recently found out about silk baskets. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try one, at least I knew it wouldn't burn in the sun or die from lack of water. I chose a pretty orange/yellow plant from a new website called PermaLeaf®. It arrived very quickly and all I had to do was open the box and hang it up.

I absolutely love it. The leaves are shiny, the basket is adorable, the plant swings in the wind, and the flowers are vibrant. (My husband laughed at me because I probably shouldn't have picked a Hawaiian looking plant if I wanted it to look real, since I do live in Connecticut!) Overall, it makes me happy. Every time I go out the front door I smile because it is still flowering. I have a feeling it will be full of flowers all summer and my neighbors will probably be impressed (haha).

The only thing I need now is four other matching baskets because my front porch has hanging hooks surrounding it. Check out my plant and let me know what you think!

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