Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Abe's hat?

Have you ever heard about Abe Lincoln's famous stovepipe hat? Legend has it that he used to hide and carry his valuables inside. He carried documents, letters, and even money inside his giant hat. Maybe I live under a rock or maybe I just don't remember facts in history well, but this was all new to me. When I told my students they thought it was the coolest fact ever. It immediately brought up the question, why!? Why did he hide these valuables inside his hat? After discussing the possibilities, we talked about what we would hide in a stovepipe hat that we wore daily. The kids answers were hysterical! I then had them write their answers on the cute little Lincoln hats and I created a bulletin board for President's Day in the hallway.

 Abe's Hat?
Everyone commented all day how creative it was and the responses were so honest and innocent. One of my fourth graders wrote about taking her mother's diamond rings and hiding them in her hat so she could have them when her mother died. As morbid is that is, I kind of understand it.

The students wrote their name on the bottom section of the hat!
I was really happy with how this bulletin board turned out and will be sure to recreate it yearly! Check out our TPT Store for other adorable bulletin boards.

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