Friday, February 8, 2013

Reward Coupons

Prize boxes always drove me CRAZY! I hated spending a ton of money on silly things that would loose its value in no time. I have to admit, I had a prize box for years even though I hated it. I want to reward my students, but didn’t know any other way of doing it. This year I got rid of the dreaded prize box and I’m so glad I did! It annoyed me that once a student would get a prize, they would enjoy it for a second and the excitement would fade.  I wanted to use something that kept my students motivated to keep working hard and continue to make smart choices.

After spending a lot of time thinking of ways I could replace the dreaded prize box, I decided to create Reward Coupons. I wanted something that was meaningful and would motivate everyone.  I created 60 coupons, it took me FOREVER to come up with 60, but I wanted to have a variety to pick and choose from.  I’ve been using these coupons since September and it has been amazing! I’ve never had a class that has worked so hard academically and behaviorally.  
Students receive their coupon for a variety of things, taking a risk in class, doing the right thing when others are not, never missing homework, improving a test grade, the opportunities to receive one are endless! Due to the variety of Reward Coupons I am always able to find the perfect coupon to praise my students. It’s hysterical to see how excited a student gets when I tell them they earned a reward coupon! The best part about the coupons is that I don’t have to buy a thing!! I also love these coupons because other students see the privileges you get when you work hard and make smart choices.
Here are a few examples of my coupons:

Love these! :)
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 I also have a “Star Card." When students get 20 hole punches (I actually have a hole punch in the shape of a star) they get to pick a reward coupon.  Each student gets their own card and I give out hole punches for a variety of things, some examples are, quietest table, most creative, best word choice, basically anything! I also use this to teach responsibility, my students are in 4th grade and it’s important for them to be responsible. If they lose their card, I will always give them a new one, but they do not get the hole punches they earned back, they have to start over. It’s disappointing to the student, but it teaches them a life skill. They learn a great lesson and after they lose one card, they make sure to never lose it again! Here is a picture of the “Star Card” I use in my class: 

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  1. I love your reward coupons! I'm currently a kindergarten teacher and my co-teacher and I use the "treasure box" idea....but I've never been the biggest fan on it! This is such a great idea and would work great for positive reinforcement. Thanks for the idea! I'm your newest follower!
    I just started a blog, if you have time you'll have to come check it out!


    1. Hi Melissa, Thanks so much for stopping by! I promise, once you start the reward cards, you will never go back to a treasure box! :)

  2. Hi there,
    I just found your blog...very cute! I have a reward coupon freebie at TPT. I love offering both to the kids and they usually pick the coupons. I will be sure to pop in more often.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. This is an awesome idea that I will use next year! Thanks so much for sharing! In conjunction with Class Dojo, hopefully my students will see that good choices will bring rewards.


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