Monday, April 1, 2013

MONDAY (Currently & Manic Monday Freebie)

Rabbit, Rabbit! There I said it. Hopefully it will bring us luck for the month of April! 

Today is certainly a MANIC MONDAY! After a great Easter weekend, I am exhausted and have a busy week ahead of me. I am preparing for Parent Conferences next week and cannot wait to have my class complete their bio poems. I plan on displaying these on my bulletin board outside the classroom. I love the new frame I used. It will be perfect for the students to add some color too! Thanks Collaboration Cuties for your freebie! :) This poem will give the parents something to read before coming into the classroom. Check out my new freebie! Please leave me feedback! I'd love to hear some positive thoughts today! :) 

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


I am linking up with the wonderful Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade! I love this linky because every time I do it, I am a month closer to SUMMER!

These are all pretty self explanatory except for my advice. Negative comments make me mad...especially on my TPT products. We rarely get them, but when we do,  we take them very personally because our hearts go into our products. With that being said, I am trying VERY HARD not to let one comment ruin my day...

By the way, WOHOO for 70 followers!! We will be having  BIG 100 follower celebration! If you'd like to participate in a giveaway, please email us and let us know! The more people involved, the more fun for everyone! 

Thanks friends! Have a wonderful SPRING day!


  1. Love your advice! Can't let one person bring you down. Good luck with your 4th graders today!! :) I get to avoid the 2nd grade April Fools tricks, althought I'm sure it would be pretty funny!

    Primary Teacherhood

  2. Let me tell you.... I am so glad that our Spring Break fell at this time of year!! I got to skip over April Fool's this year! Oh, and I am your newest follower, thanks to Farley's Currently. I love that I get to find new blogs to stalk.

    I hope you survive your day!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  3. Ugh, I sooo feel you on the getting organized! I left my classroom looking like a train-wreck last week when I left for Spring Break. I am dreading going back and trying to organize it all!

    Happy April! and good luck today with the April Fool's pranks :)

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  4. Good luck with April fools! I am so glad to be missing those this year! My 8th graders are always really good at finding a sneaky way to get me!


  5. I hear you on negative comments on TpT! It is so hard to not let them bring you down! Just remember your products are fabulous!! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  6. We love your advice about negative is so true when it comes to writing feedback online! Your advice is good to keep in mind!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  7. One month closer to summer...I like that line of thinking! :)
    Thanks for the Bio Poem freebie - I am so excited to teach Poetry this month!

    My fifth graders get pretty crafty for April Fools - it's always a fun (albeit zany!) day! :) Check out my blog to see what homework I assign on April Fools.

    Joy in the Journey

  8. I'm excited to have found another 4th grade blog! Thanks for the freebie, I am your newest follower!

  9. I'm totally with about hating negativity. Even when I'm exhausted at school or not feeling well, I try so hard to try to stay positive so I'm not creating a negative atmosphere in my classroom. I'm not perfect of course, but I try. As for negativity on TpT - that is also the worst. Sometimes I think people just don't even look at what they buy - they don't read descriptions or look at previews and then are mad that it's not what they thought. I hope you are able to keep smiling and stay positive like you said. That's great advice for everyone!!!! :)

    First Grade Smiles

  10. I love that you used our border! WohooO!

    How did April Fool's Day go? None of my students tried to get me. It's lucky, too, because I totally forgot it was April Fool's Day!

    Collaboration Cuties

  11. Thanks for all of your uplifting comments! :) They all made me smile! My April Fool's Day was nothing great. I think I ended up fooling the kids with my Edison punched brown E's in a brownie pan with tin foil on top :)


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