Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Year, New Gear: LINKY PARTY! :)

Wohooo! We are super excited to host our first ever linky party and we hope you will be excited to join in on the fun too. We wanted to create a meaningful post and get input from our fellow bloggers, but the end of the school year is coming and we are running out of time. It is the PERFECT time to talk about...

School Supply Lists!

I don't know what it is about school supplies, but the isle in Walmart gives me happy butterflies. For Valentine's Day I'd rather get a bouquet of pretty colored pens than roses, and I definitely still have my pencil/pen collection that I started way back in grammar school. In fact, on my desk there are about five different containers holding tons of pens and pencils. I have pretty ones that I use and pretty ones that are just for looking at. I even have a container of loner pencils that I let kids borrow (they are the plain yellow ones). There is nothing better than the feel of writing in a new notebook, erasing with a fresh eraser, or even sharpening a new pencil. Call me a geek, but I think I was destined to be a teacher.

Anyways, if your school is anything like ours, we cannot leave for the summer until we cross off a huge check list. One of the items on the list is to create a list of items for our future students to purchase before coming into school next year. I usually send the same boring list home, but while I was looking through blog posts this week, I started thinking about making some changes. So if you inspired me, I am linking to your posts in my linky party! Thank you for your inspiration!

So check out our MUST haves for next year...

1. Composition Notebooks:

These are a MUST in our classroom. We use these notebooks for both reading and writing. It’s where we reflect, take risks, explore ideas, demonstrate understanding, and show what we know! We are also excited to start using the mentor sentence idea explained in detail by Ideas by Jivey & The Collaborative Cuties. Check it out!

2. Yellow Paper Pad:

We JUST stated using this to draft our stories! My students enjoy editing and revising on this pad. They can cross out, add carrots, and change their ideas around on this pad. There is plenty of room if the students want to skip lines on their first draft, it lets me keep track of their writing and how it has improved throughout the year, and it is hard to lose because it's so big. We also love that the students can simply slip it into their reading folder. Once again...thanks Jessica, for the idea! :)

3. Sharpie Chart Markers: We are OBSESSED with these markers!

They come in fun colors and don’t bleed through the chart paper! I will say that I go through two or three sets per year because they tend to dry out faster than normal markers...maybe I just use my chart too much?

4. Mechanical pencils:
We both equally HATE the sound of a pencil sharpener and it often becomes a spot where socializing and avoidance take place. Request for your students to only use mechanical pencils and that problem is solved!

5. Zipper pencil pouch:
This is crucial in my classroom. I only teach language arts, so my students switch from my classroom to my partner teacher’s classroom. Enforcing the “Zipper Pencil Pouch” rule helps to elevate plastic pencil box smashing incidents in the hallway. There is nothing more distracting than a million pencils and pens rolling across the floor!

6. Fun Colored Pens:

My students LOVE using colored pens. Students use it to edit and revise their work and I also use it to reward behavior. If students are working hard, being kind to others, and following the rules they get to use one of the pens when writing their quick write for the day. My students LOVE to earn the reward of writing in pen. I also have this as a reward coupon. If kids earn the "Write in a fun pen for the day" coupon, they freak out. I would too, if I was in 4th grade!

So what's on your list for next year? Grab the button, link up, and tell us a few of your MUST HAVES!


  1. You are so sweet for the shout outs! :) I love this list! I will work on adding some things to it soon! ;-)
    ideas by jivey
    Follow Me On Facebook! :)

  2. I love this idea and all the great things you've got on your list! I read the post this morning and then got my team talking about our supply list for next year, so I'll be linking up soon!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  3. I have the composition book on my list too! We have shared pencils-I'm the only one who does the sharpening-but some kids bring in mechanical pencils from home!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  4. Oh gosh, I can't even believe that it will be time to order supplies again soon... I'm thinking a lot about next year already as well, and had to stop myself from buying some cute new stuff at Target yesterday--no renovations to the classroom until I know whether I will have to move everything around to get new carpet or get painted or what have you :) I'll be linking up at some point for sure. BTW--I totally spaced what part of CT you guys are in. I'm in the Hartford area. It feels like we had the longest winter ever, and now I have such spring fever!

  5. Love your post! Great ideas...

    Have a wonderful week!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  6. So glad I found this! I thought I was the only one prepping this early! I don't feel alone anymore! I'm your newest follower.

    Amy @

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and suggesting that I link up! The ultimate thing to have on a school supply list is a 31-Gifts Organizer Tote!

  8. You are brave with mechanical pencils, I really dislike them :) The kids are always needing lead or loosing their lead. How do you manage them?


    1. lol I know! I really cannot stand the pencil sharpener though! I don't let the kids fidget with lead, once the pencil out, it is garbage...or they can reload the lead AT HOME. It doesn't work perfectly, but for the 1/2 of the class that uses mechanical pencils, it's 1/2 of the class that doesn't fight with the sharpener!

  9. Thanks for this great linky idea! I finally found the minutes to add to my blog about school supplies. Gotta love those colored pencils!!!

  10. I also love the composition books and colored pens, although the pens are for myself! I actually never thought of letting the kids use the pens for a day...that would be simple reward!

    Literacy Spark

  11. Composition books and zippered pencil pouches are on my list, too. We do shared pencils, which works out great because I only have one student sharpener the pencils at the end of the day. I do have some students who will bring mechanical pencils. As long as I don't see them adding lead or "playing" with them.... they may use them. This is a great linky! Thanks for hosting it!

    Foreman Teaches


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