Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time Travel Tuesday...A little Late

I am linking up for the first time to Jessica at I {heart} Recess with Time Travel Tuesday!  I am so excited to share more about my life. Some of you may know I have a three year old daughter and a 1 year old son. They were born on the same day, two years apart. Crazy huh!? December 6th is a BIG day in our household. My son is a big boy like his daddy and is catching up, in height, to my daughter. Lots of people ask if they are twins because they look so much alike. My daughter went to preschool last year for the first time (in the 3's class) and it was a huge event. She absolutely LOVED it and begged to go to school everyday. This year she will be in the 4's class and then she will start Kindergarten next year! Yahoo for no more double daycare payments...thank God! Anyways, my daughter is my mini-me. From the bossiness, attitude, ballerina wannabe, to speech...she looks and sounds JUST.LIKE.ME. In fact, my parents call her "Little Theresa" and she loves it.

Grade:  Kindergarten
Year: 1988-1989
School: Borough School
Teacher: Mrs. Paige
Favorites: David the Gnome, Maple Town, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, ballet class, mom curling my hair with rollers, and gymnastics!
Memories:  My teacher told my parents I would be the first woman President of the US. I was the mayor of the class and very bossy. When the police came into my Kindergarten class to teach us to say "no" to drugs, they brought a giant picture frame with examples of the pills inside. I raised my hand and told the teacher (and police) my mother tried giving me drugs at night. This turned into a parent phone call in which my mother had to explain I was taking antibiotics for an ear infection! 

I was quite sassy... hence why I have a daughter who gives me everything I gave my mother plus more!

This is Isabella at her last day of school party. Can you see a resemblance?

This was from last summer, but you can see how much alike Jameson and Isabella look. 

Those are my Pinkadots. Maybe ROBYN will take us way back and put up a Time Travel post?

My turn.. my turn!!!!
That's often what came out of my mouth being 1 of four children in my family.  My sister was the bossy "do as I say" type, my older brother was too cool to hang out with his little sister and I was too cool to hang out with my little brother.  I fell into the quiet, goody-goody, "mommy's girl" role and my daughter has followed in my footsteps (so far).  I have a beautiful, intelligent, hysterical, energetic 2 year old.  She loves to laugh, something we both love to do.  She is shy, but once she gets comfortable she breaks out of her shell.  I see a lot of myself in her, especially her laugh, we both have one of those "laughs." The one where you feel like you are getting a really good ab work out because you are laughing so hard.

Grade:  Kindergarten
Year: 1989-1990
School: Rockwell School
Teacher: Mrs. Piste
Favorites: Rainbow Bright, soccer, dolls, barbies, gymnastics, girl scouts

Memories:  I remember getting my very first corsage from a boy in my class on the last day of school.  I actually still have it in my baby box.

Here is Kylie, she's a diva.. but only in pictures.. her personality is the farthest thing from a diva!

And here is Kylie sporting her "Big Sis" shirt! Yup, I am officially announcing it! She can't wait to become a big sister this January.  I can't wait to see if the baby follows in our footsteps.


  1. What an adorable picture - of you and your daughter!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Theresa your memory made me LOL and congrats Robyn!! :)

  3. All beautiful girls and moms! (handsome boy!) I guess they act like us to get us back! haha Theresa our daughters would get along great! Loved both of your memories-funny and so sweet!
    I need to break out the photo boxes! You're both so young! Congrats exciting!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. Thanks for linking up girls! Love the "drugs" memory Theresa! Congrats Robyn!


  5. My mom always says I became a teacher because I am so bossy. = )

    Congratulations Robyn!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans


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