Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I've Got the Back to School Blues!

It is that time of year again. Sorry, but you can't close your eyes, hide under the covers, tune it out, or avoid it any longer...it is BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! Alarms must ring, lessons must be prepared, rooms must be set up, and routines must be made. It is an emotional time of year for everyone. I know personally my "little girl" is going into her second year of preschool (although she acts as if she is heading to high school), and after spending an amazing summer with my two babies, I must send them off to daycare all day and head to work.
I will admit I usually cry for the first few hours, especially every time someone comments on my adorable summer Facebook pictures of the kids, asks how my babies did at the daycare drop off in the morning, or I see another mommy teacher (ahem...ROBYN) crying as well. The worst part is, my husband is a teacher in the same district and he laughs at me while we walk through the halls together and I sob. Ugh MEN. It takes a while to get into the routine again, but eventually we will all get used to it and start living for the weekends. I am truly blessed to be able to spend summers with my kids...positive thoughts! :)
  • We have a week and a half left.
  • Our computers have been taken back to update (so Robyn and I are going through withdrawals).
  • Our class lists seem to be changing daily.
  • I have a million and two things to still do at home before school starts.
  • I have five million things to do in my classroom, although I can't bring the kids to school to work because it turns out to be pointless.
  • I have to go clothes shopping.
BUT I am not complaining, I am excited. Nothing is better than a clean classroom, an organized filing cabinet, and a sharpened new pencil! :) I am ready for a productive, positive, new year.
Check out my new clipboard! I am super excited to use it. It's the little things that make me happy at school!
For my friends who started school this week, good luck, I've been thinking about you! Hope you are off to an amazing start!
I will end this depressing post with a haha. Robyn and I literally LOL'ed at this today!


  1. I almost fell off of my chair laughing at your little haha! Best one I've seen in like forever!!!!!!!!

  2. That skeleton pic is hilarious! Love your clipboard. I just brought 8 of them home yesterday that I need to make cute like that. Good luck with your school year!

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  3. I'm right there with you with the crying and your husband laughing at you because that's what happens here as well! My husband works for the district and always rolls his eyes at me. MEN!!!!

    1, 2, Eyes On You!


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