Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wohoo Wednesday! TPT Sale coming up...Time to fill up my WISHLIST! you heard about the TpT sale coming up for Cyber Monday & Tuesday? We are giving a 20% discount and TpT is giving a 10% sale. Somehow it evens up to being 28% off. Sounds good to me though because my TpT store Wishlist is overflowing! There are so many cute Common Core related products for the winter that I want to test out in my classroom, I am having trouble planning out just when to do it all! The first thing on my wishlist that I am going to be grabbing at the sale price is the *Mid Year ELA Review (Snowman)* from Emily over at I Love My Classroom! These adorable task cards cover all types of sentences, subjects & predicates, types of nouns, pronouns, and verbs.  I don't know about your class, but my 4th graders could ALWAYS use extra practice on these topics, plus the adorable snowmen are just too cute to pass up on.
Next on my wishlist is Ms. Jivey's "How Santa Got & Lost His Job - A Common Core Aligned Literature Unit!" As soon as Jivey put this out I added it to my wishlist and the books to my Amazon cart. I'm a sucker when it comes to any books "Santa" related because I can always reuse them at home with my kids. So I just ordered How Santa Got His Job and How Santa Lost His Job and am so excited to read them with my class. This unit also comes at a great time because I am always reinforcing the "Refer to Details from the Text" standard in my classroom. item that should be on your wishlist this winter is my new mini unit on "The History of Gingerbread!" This unit was a lot of fun creating and even more fun completing. I first created this for substitute plans when I was going to be at an inservice all day, because the work is easily understood, not considered busy work, and actually relates to standards I need to teach and complete. When going over the worksheets with my students we talked about more traditions, which led us to researching and writing informative articles on our own family traditions for the holidays. From here we compared and contrasted different traditions and even wrote a compare/contrast written response. I was able to assess my students multiple times while they were engaged and really learning. By allowing them to research their own traditions it was an easy way to differentiate the lesson, create groups, and allow students to go above and beyond. I hope you will check this out and test it in your classroom! 

I hope I have inspired you to fill your wishlist for the winter months because sales like this don't come around too often! Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING and enjoy the long weekend!

I also wanted to jump on the party with Molly for her fun Thankful Linky!

Don't forget to leave feedback on your previous purchases so you can get credits toward your Cyber Monday and Tuesday purchases!!! Now don't just sit there... go fill your wishlist!! :)


  1. This is the first place I've read about the TpT Cyber Sale - so I'm ThankFul that you shared that - haha!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. What are these Duncachinos you speak of? We're not lucky enough in CA for Dunkin' but I always take advantage when I'm on the East coast! Thanks for sharing your thankful list! Have a fabulous weekend!

    Lucky to Be in First


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