Monday, January 20, 2014

A Day Our Way- A schedule linky!

We are linking up with the lovely Amelia from Where the Wild Things Learn for her linky

We get a lot of questions as to how our day runs, and so with this linky, you can see how several classroom schedules go.

I teach ELA to (2) groups of kiddos. Each group is around 25 students, so I see about 50 students each day. 

As you can see from my schedule this year, basically all of my teaching is done before lunch. This has worked great so far. I do have trouble on Monday mornings with some sleepy heads getting into the swing of things, but I'm working on ways to engage them from the start. My schedule is pretty much the same as the above everyday, but on T/TH we switch first thin in the morning and do not have PLC/Activity Period. I absolutely love the idea of having a morning meeting similar to the Collaboration Cuties. I am considering a quick weekly meeting on Monday/Tuesday, so both classes will get to start off their day like this. I think it is a great way to build the classroom community, work on listening and speaking skills, and allow students time to adjust to being back in school (especially after a long break or weekend).

So, that's what my day looks like. I hope this gives you a little peek at my school life.


  1. My first hour class is a high school course consisting of 15 boys and only 3 girls; as such I TOTALLY understand the challenges of getting Monday mornings rolling! Maybe a morning meeting wherein I throw some cold water their way or something... : )

  2. I always loved schedules like that when you could get to a certain point and relax. Now I'm the specialist though!

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