Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Joint Giveaway Contribution!

Today I am helping with {Joanne} and {Holly's} 1K giveaway celebration!

I am giving away one of my newest products, Fix the Mistakes Around the Room: Valetine's Day Frog Edition! 

Seriously this product couldn't be any cuter. The boys in my classroom even appreciate the clip art. I created this because I am always looking for ways to give my 4th graders extra editing practice. However, editing can be pretty b.o.r.i.n.g! I have some wiggley 4th graders that will do ANYTHING to get out of their seats. Instead of working against it, I am working with that idea. 
I made this product with a set of ten task cards and 1/2 page posters. What I do is print, laminate, and post the ten posters around the room. The students then have the answer sheet and a clipboard. When they finish their daily work, they walk up to different posters, read the sentence, find the editing mistakes, and write the sentence correctly on their recording sheet. 

This sounds simple, but you would think my students were getting paid to do this activity. Their behavior is perfect, they are motivated, and are doing amazing job academically. To make this even more fun, I named the cute little frog in the clip art, Freddy. The posters actually tell a story of Freddy's Valentine's Day. My students are now addicted to Freddy the Frog and always ask me for updates on him and to do another around-the-room exercise. I see more of these activities in my near future! :)

If this sounds like something your students would like, check it out at my TPT store for more information and be sure to ENTER the Rafflecopter on {Joanne} and {Holly's} blog! Good luck!


  1. Your product looks adorable! I think your students love it because they get to move around-it's funny what little things motivate them! Thanks so much for celebrating with us Theresa! We appreciate you!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I love the adorable frog clipart on this product, Theresa! Our winner was so lucky to win it! Thank you for celebrating with us, friend!! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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