Monday, May 5, 2014

Made it through Monday! Teacher Appreciation Week & The ULTIMATE Mother's Day Card!

Hello friends! 

Don't forget that TPT is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale May 6-7.  My store will be 20% off and then TPT will add an additional 10% bringing the total to 28% off!  A perfect time to collect some things for this year and maybe even for next. Don't forget to use the code TPTXO! :)

I know I've been filling my cart and planning out the end of my year.

Today was the start of Teacher Appreciation Week. Our wonderful PTO put together a fun week full of surprises. Today was "Bring a Flower for your Teacher Day!" This is my beautiful bouquet from my sweet gems.

I made a cute note for my daughter's preschool teacher & para, painted the frame to match, and set it up today. I am pretty impressed with how they came out. My daughter is SO excited to give them to her teachers, although my husband said, "I'd rather have a gift card." GRRRR

I have to show off our adorable Mother's Day cards that we started today. I absolutely love them and the students think they are the coolest gifts ever. You should read what they are writing on the coupons. Stay tuned for more pictures as they finish them in class tomorrow! 

(This will be on sale for the TPT sale tomorrow, so grab it while you can!)

If you want to create a meaningful craftivity, but don't have a ton of time, this is perfect for you and your students. It comes with a card, a pocket, and five different choices for coupons.

Have a great night and HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! :)

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  1. How did you do those adorable framed chalkboard gifts for your daughter's teachers? Those are so cute!! Tell your husband to get you a gift card, haha!


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