Thursday, May 8, 2014

Scholastic bonus point shopping spree! Any book suggestions!?

Isn't it funny how we anxiously await the end of the school year, but begin planning for the next? One of the things that I'm doing right now for next year is making book selections. I'm using my Red Apple Teacher (free shipping) and my awesome Scholastic Points I've been accumulating all year and taking a free shopping spree. Is Scholastic awesome? Seriously, if you don't send home book flyers, you are totally missing out. Make that one of your goals for next year and if you'd like more information or a step by step tutorial of just HOW EASY it is, please let me know! I'd be happy to make a video to teach you and talk you through the process.

Every year my fourth graders range in reading levels from 1st grade through 6th grade + ! I try to find books that are on a multitude of levels, but look age appropriate. Who wants to be in fourth grade and be caught reading "Clifford Books"? (Obviously there is nothing wrong with Clifford, I happen to love him, but it is discouraging for my students to be reading that while their friends are reading the Harry Potter series. 

So what am I getting??? 

 My students LOVED Swindle, so I am sure they will be excited to see the rest of the series in the classroom library.
 I never heard of this series, but it looks interesting and looks like something even the boys will like.
 This is going on my summer reading list. I've heard mixed reviews on it, but want to give it a try.
 My class is a HUGE fan of this series and we own enough for book  clubs on each book. We were even lucky enough to have the author, Lauren Tarshis, come to speak to the students in our school! She was inspiring and has such a great success story!
 Well...I got some boys away from the Wimpy Kid series (seriously that is ALL they read), but now we are moving on to Big Nate. At least they are reading...right? 

 These bundles look great!
You know my love for Riding Freedom! I'm shocked this is becoming popular again. It is such an old, but AMAZING story. We have a class set and read it ever year in our Revolutionary unit. We use our novel study to accompany the book and the students rave about it!

What am I missing? I have more points to spend. Any favorites that you've had this year?


  1. Those look like some GREAT books! I actually still haven't read "Riding Freedom", but I think it may have to go on my summer reading list!

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  2. Erin from I'm Lovin' Lit turned me onto The Wednesday Wars, and I would highly recommend it. We read it as a literature circle book, and my students absolutely LOVED it.

  3. My 4th grade daughter's teacher read them The City of Ember and now all the kids are reading the sequel. I am definitely getting it for next year.

    I LOVE Scholastic and am getting ready to place my last order of the year!

  4. Anything by Andrew Clements is wonderful. He writes books that are age appropriate for fourth or fifth graders (but they're fun reads for teachers as well!). We just finished "Frindle" as a class, and the kids loved it!


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