Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wordless & What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Well it's HUMP day...but even better, no work on Friday! Thank you 4th of July for finally falling on a Friday! I am linking up with the adorable blogs, Sugar and Spice & Covered in Glitter and Glue today. 

I've been MIA lately on the blog because we ended school on June 23rd. We then started summer school on June 30th! Just in case you are counting, that gave me SIX days of summer vacation. In those six days, we were super busy. My daughter finished her first year of dance and had her recital, we saw both sides of the family, went to a few BBQs, and even did some work on the house. 

Now that my husband and I are both doing summer school, we are back in work mode. So I needed this post to give me a positive spin on life. 

I am absolutely LOVING my Jamberry nails. I just hosted a Facebook party and received a ton of free sets. The only problem now is resisting the urge to constantly change them. This is my current Jamicure (my daughter has matching nails now)!

We started remedial summer school this week and are busy taking some assessments for data points.  

 Does anyone else give the dreaded DSA? I hate giving this test over and over if students do not pass the first or second. I also DESPISE grading them.

Don't forget, my friend, Christy, is having an awesome giveaway! Head over to her blog for your chance to win some great prizes!

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  1. Love your nails! Do the Jamberry nails weaken your natural nails like gel or acrylics do? This is the first summer that I'm not teaching summer school in five years! I'm so glad I decided to rest, but I'm worried that I will miss that extra money...



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