Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April is Poetry Month! How we celebrate and a FREEBIE!

Hey all. I am back to talk about planning for next week. Sadly, although I am on a stay-cation, I am planning and prepping for next week as well. I figured if I put a little time and effort into school work each day, it won't be overwhelming Sunday night.

One part of April I don't get to celebrate too often is poetry. I absolutely love teaching my students to write poetry as well as closely read famous poems. On of my favorite poems, was actually a speech written for Sojourner Truth, titled "Ain't I a Woman?" - I will be sharing more about that poem next month during our revolutionary unit. I like to sneak poetry in here and there, but it isn't really focused on in our CCSS curriculum, which I find upsetting. year, Robyn and I put together poetry journals and gave them to fast finishers. We had a sample journal put together with examples of each type of poem. When students finished work, and sometimes as a writing center, they worked on their journal. The end product was AMAZING. We had so much fun sharing our favorite poems with the class and when it came time to bring the completed books home, the kids were so excited to share their poetry with their families. We had so many parents compliment us on the wonderful keepsake that was brought home and sure to be cherished. I cannot wait to get that started again this month, in fact, I am already printing it off at home. I even made personalized books for the boys in the class and different ones for the girls.

Are you working on poetry in your class? Check out our Student Poetry Journals by clicking on the picture or here!

Not sure if you can commit to a whole poetry book? Check out our poetry freebie, which, like the other freebies this week, is exclusive to our blog followers! If you decide to purchase the book, you can even add this page to the book.

 Enjoy! I'll be back tomorrow friends! :)

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