Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring fever may have hit, BUT... (freebie included)!

...we are still holding our students accountable for their reading!

Is it just me or as soon as the sun starts shining in through the classroom window, the students spend their silent reading time day- dreaming about recess and outside after school activities?! sunny day and students forget where they are, but honestly, after the winter we had in Connecticut, I don't blame them. In order to keep my students accountable for their reading, we came up with a fun and easy book review. This paper is copied and put in a bin on my classroom library bookshelf. Students complete a sheet after they finish their "Just Right Book" and pass it in for inspection. Once the students finish their reviews and they meet my approval, I give them a "ticket" which allows them to enter our classroom library. Students are not allowed to visit our classroom library without a ticket. Once they choose a new JRB, the student writes their name and the title on the ticket, gives it back to me, and I post it on our "What are we Reading" bulletin board. This bulletin board is constantly changing and has helped my students learn to talk to others about books and recommendations. This process has helped my students become active readers and accountable for their reading! It's also a great assessment tool to gauge their comprehension. Believe it or not, my students have been really excited about this idea and it has certainly showed me who is paying attention during silent reading and who just wants to day-dream and fill out forms.
Check it out for free, it might be a great center, homework sheet, or bell work activity.

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