Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tips and Prizes for a Stress FREE Spring! (Aromatherapy)

Hi Friends,

I was lucky enough to team up with some amazing bloggers to share our stress free secrets to survive the spring, testing season, end of the year! Believe it or not, there are actually FOUR huge winners! Personally, I would be THRILLED to win any one of these fabulous prizes!

1 $75 Amazon gift card
1 $40 Target gift card
1 $25 TpT gift certificate
1 $20 Starbucks gift card

Robyn and I both agree that our favorite way of distressing is through aroma therapy. There is something about breathing in a peaceful scent that makes my whole day feel better. In the past, I've tried a TON of different air fresheners in the classroom. They always start off too strong and dwindle down to nothing after a few days. We finally found something that works.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub! Our classrooms are equipped with sinks and water fountains. Normally I purchase fun soaps to promote hand washing in the classroom.  This year, I had some left over sugar scrub from our Christmas present batch, and showed my students how to use it appropriately on their hands after washing. Before long, not only was I smelling the clean and uplifting scent of peppermint throughout the room, but the students were absolutely LOVING the smell and feel of their soft hands.

Did you know peppermint oil is a natural stimulant that can increase your ability to concentrate during times of mental fatigue or stress? Inhaling the aroma of peppermint oil can help alleviate jet lag and boost your energy levels. Studies at the Sense of Smell Institute confirm that peppermint oil has mood-elevating properties that make it useful for alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can help to boost your mood and relieve feelings of sadness as well as enhance mental performance and feelings of happiness. Due to these effects, you can use peppermint oil to ease stress, exhaustion and irritability.

My class loved this SO much, as soon as I ran out, they were asking for more. They were lucky because I just made 64 more jars for my sister-in-law's baby shower next week and I know I will have some extras. I've shared the recipe with the students and parents and some of them even made their own. It couldn't be easier to make and honestly, it is the easiest way to de-stress while at work! 

I cannot take credit for this wonderful concoction, Amy, at The Idea Room, one of my favorite blogs, first got me started on scrubs and I haven't looked back since! Check out her blog and the recipe, here!

I hope you are able to make it through testing season and the end of the school year a little less stressed with some aroma therapy. If you haven't tried it, you need to! I buy all the materials on Amazon to make my scrubs, and if you win this amazing giveaway, you can purchase it all with your new gift card! ;) Be sure to check out the other stress-free ideas in the link up below.

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