Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moby Max!

Anyone else love to incorporate technology in the classroom or "needs" to give it a try for their review focus for the year? I just found out about Moby Max from my friend, Mrs. Wilson, over at Confessions of a Teaching Junkie. This is an awesome website for students to work on Math or Vocabulary skills and the best part it is FREE! We just happen to be focusing on word choice this marking period, so I love that it is a fun and fast way for students to be assessed on vocabulary.

The program is very teacher friendly and took me less than five minutes to upload 50 students onto the roster. When you first sign into the website, there is a quick video that explains the services offered. I thought it was amazing that I can see how long my students work on the website, their individual scores and it was even COOLER that I can see the CCSS that the students mastered and still need work on. Some of my students thrive for higher level instruction and this website is great because it differentiates for students right away. Students start off by taking a placement test, which can range in time from 4-20minutes. So far my favorite thing about this website is that it is accessible on i-Pads. There are no crazy flash players involved and it is simple and easy to sign in to. My students are already excited to test this out at home. 

The website's statistics state MobyMax is a complete differentiated curriculum for K-8 math and vocabulary. Students using MobyMax for just 40 hours have shown an average of 1.5 grade levels of growth. I can't wait to see how it works on my students.


  1. This looks awesome! Can't wait to use it for vocabulary. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Hi there!

    Shucks, thanks so much for all the kind words. We're glad that you are enjoying MobyMax. You might be happy to know that we'll be coming out with an iPad app soon, as well as many cool new features. Stay tuned!

    You might want to check out the FAQ to learn more about what Moby can do for you and your students. You can find that here.


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