Thursday, October 20, 2016

{Freebies} Simple Ways to Motivate Students in the Classroom!

We've hit that time of year where the start of school has passed and the end isn't in the direct future. Honeymoon period is now over and we are starting to see the true colors of many of our little gems. Don't get me wrong, we still love each and every one of time, but some of our friends need a little extra motivating. I thought I'd share a few SIMPLE ways to make your students want to be ready to learn in your classroom, but I'd also love to hear about your tricks in the comments below!

Class Coupons! Seriously, there couldn't be an easier behavior incentive.  Have you seen our awesome teacher friendly Classroom Reward Coupons? The packet comes with over 60 options and each coupon is printed on a page 6 times! One print of the bundle and you should be set for the year! The best part about using these coupons is that the rewards are mostly free and require no prep!

 I simply print, laminate, pass out, and collect to redistribute when the student cashes their ticket in. 

Students go nuts over these little tickets, especially "Lunch with the Teacher" and "Show and Tell" because lets face it, who ever has time set aside for a class show and tell.

Other tickets that have been known to popup in my classroom are Leprechaun Tickets and Desk Fairy Tickets. (Get them BOTH for free by clicking on the links or pictures!) My students love visits from leprechauns in March. Sometimes our secret leprechaun even brings treats, just like our mystery desk fairy! The Dollar Tree is a great place to pick up little trinkets. One of my favorites are the round glass stones. The kids love these because they think they are leprechaun treasures. I also love getting a dozen pencils here for $1.00. Really anything at the Dollar Tree is gold to students.

These are only a few motivating ticket ideas, but I am sure you have others. Check back for more ways to motivate students through recess, not extra recess, but organized teacher/student games at recess. I mean what student doesn't want to dominate their teacher at a game of four square?

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